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Fast, Efficient, & Cost-Effective Removal, Transportation, & Waste Disposal Service

HelpForce delivers professional, flexible, cost-effective, and customized Waste Disposal Services to:

  • Business or Personal Offices
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Industrial sites
  • Construction sites
  • Government Agencies

    What We Do

    We undertake the Removal and Disposal of construction waste materials or debris from:

  • New buildings
  • Renovation project sites
  • Repair work sites
  • Commercial sites and more!

    To this end, we clear and dispose of wastes from:

  • Small offices as well as those in high-rise buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Storage Facilities

    Our Waste Disposal Team

    Our well-trained Waste Clearance Teams are always prepared to handle any type of office, building waste, or site clearance projects, and in accordance with the current government regulations on Waste Disposal


    Our Cleanup Target Projects

    We offer timely and professional cleanup services for diverse projects which include but not limited to: 

  • Renovations/Remodeling
  • Construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Commercial sites and more!  


    Do you undertake same day waste collection and disposal?

    Yes. We are flexible, prepared, and well-equipped to undertake same-day collections and disposal of wastes. We:

  • Guarantee collection of wastes within 4 hours or based on your schedule
  • Are flexible allowing you to choose your suitable waste collection time
  • Give an update on the expected time of arrival, and call to let clients know when our teams are heading to the project site
  • Discuss and agree on the quote before commencing work 

    Is your company licensed to do this work?

    Yes. We are duly registered with the New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency by law, and therefore an authorized solid waste public entity

    Is your company insured to do this work?

    Yes. Both our work trucks and drivers are fully insured to undertake this work. The insurance includes coverage against any damages that may be caused to a client's property during waste removal at their premises.

    What happens to the waste after you have collected it?

    Upon collection of the waste, they are transported to a licensed recycling facility for safe disposal. We work closely with recycling centers to ensure that most of the waste we collect and deliver are recycled accordingly.

    What type of waste material do you collect from project sites?

    We collect a wide range of waste which include non-hazardous bulky waste, construction debris, and demolition waste.

    What services do you offer?

    We offer waste removal, collection, cleanup, transportation, and disposal.

  • Please reach out for any inquiries, questions or comments:
    (856) 372-9202 or fill out our contact form.