Licensed and Insured Provider based in Mt Laurel and Vineland NJ, serving Nationwide


Our Safety Measures

1. Enhanced COVID-19 Preventive Measures

As with other businesses, we have doubled our efforts in ensuring that our staff members comply with all measures to help curb the spread of the COVID 19 virus. This will go a long way in ensuring the safety of both our staff and the clients they interact with at project locations.

2. Inculcating A Culture of Safety at Our Workplace

We have created a safety culture that continues to promote an injury-free work environment for both our project team and clients. To achieve this, our staff has continued to benefit from ongoing training on safety measures, awareness creation, and education to widen their understanding of workplace hazards

3. Adequate Preparation Before Demolition Tasks

Before commencement of any demolition project, we ensure that our staff takes all the necessary health and safety precautions. Being OSHA certified, and continuously acquiring relevant education based on tasks to be performed, our demolition team is always ready to professionally and safely drive challenging tasks.

4. Regular Safety Precaution Meetings

We don’t take any chances. We hold safety meetings often to share on projects’ safety needs, requirements, and strategies. Our team undertakes surveys of project areas to assess the presence of lead paints, mold, or asbestos. This enables them to use only the correct and certified equipment including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during job executions.